5 Places in Nairobi Where to Get PR0STITUTES Any Time Of The Day

1. Low end estates  These women are now plying their trade during the day in estates across Nairobi. Some even masquerade as ‘mama wa kuosha nguo’ but then go on to offer more services. The estate ones are among the most affordable. For as little as 100 bob, you could bang a humble looking chic. […]

Willy Paul Emotionally BEGS BAHATI To Forgive Him

Kenya’s most controversial singer Willy Paul has decided to ‘eat humble pie’ and apologise to his biggest competitor Bahati after their fallout a few months ago. This is what he shared on his facebook page; (BAHATI)Today I woke up with my heart feeling so heavy….. feeling that there’s something missing…. I want to talk about […]