Spotting the mountain gorillas is one of the most jaw-dropping activities here accomplished via the stunning Gorilla Safari. You can easily spot this creature despite the fact that it is now a rare creature and all thanks goes to the successful conservation effort of the park. If there is somethingContinue Reading

Resting against the splendid setting of Mount Kilimanjaro that is the nation’s highest mountain, the Amboseli Serena Lodge in the Amboseli National Park is besides the flowing natural spring, green swamps formed by the melting snow, and the woods of savannah’s acacias rendering it the most scenic luxury lodge amidstContinue Reading

Looking over the most exciting volcanic caldera in South Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge sits on the high rim of the crater of the same name. It is the home of the incredible accommodations amidst majestic surroundings on the largest intact caldera on the planet, vital one in the state’sContinue Reading

Nestled on the Oloongams Hills’ slopes in the Oloolaimutia valley on the rim of the famous Masai Mara National Reserve, Mara Sopa Lodge is among the first lodges to appear in the game reserve of this famous park. It is run by the Sopa Hotels Lodges that operate in KenyaContinue Reading

Today there are just 1000 remaining mountain gorillas left in the whole world. The dwindling habitat for the gorillas has pushed them to be declared as threatened apes. Surprisingly these great apes are left in 10 African countries. Gorilla safaris are apparently conducted in 5 distinct destinations in East Africa inContinue Reading